hardwood floor refinishing services

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Labor Costs: Installation and Refinishing

 Below Labor Costs are based on National Cost Book All Over the USA in Some States it May Vary 5 to 10% More or Less
  • Average Costs for Nail-down woodfloors----------$3.00 S/F,
  • Shoe-mldg-QR install:-------------------------- $1.25 L/F
  • Glue-down woodfloors:------------------------- $3.25 S/F,
  • Baseboard installation:--------------------------$2.00 L/F
  • Floating wood floors:--------------------------- $2.75 S/F
  • Shoe or base remove and re-install:------------- $2.50 L/F-
  • Plywood install on concrete:---------------------$1.50 S/F-
  • Sound control (high rises)----------------------  $1.25 S/F-Install
  • moisture barrier:--------------------------------$1.25 S/F-Install
  • common hardwood borders:--------------------- $3.00 L/F-Install

hardwood medallions Varies

  • Install hardwood on stairs(3' width) -------------$60.00 ea. step-
  • Refinish wood floors;----------------------------$3.25 S/F-
  • Refinish parquet floors; -------------------------$3.25 S/F-
  • Screen and coat (buff and top coat) ------------$1.25 S/F-
  • Stain wood floors ------------------------------ $4.50 S/F
  • Refinish steps(3' width) ------------------------$60.00ea.step-
  • Remove carpet -----------------------------------0.25 SF-
  • Floor preparation ------------------------------$60.00 an hour-
  • Remove and reinstall toilet --------------------$250.00 each
  • Appliance movement ---------------------------$30.00 each Furniture movement Varies
Repair Costs- Combined Labor & Materials Based on Hourly Rate
Waste Removal & Disposal- Varies Based on each Project
Electrical, and Gas-By All Means Does not Relate to Floor Covering Projects
Other Notes: Above Labor Rates Does not Iclude Finish Materials
Other Floor Covering Removal:
  • Average Costs/Nail down floors:-----------------$2.00 SF/
  • Glue down floors:-------------------------------$3.00 SF/
  • Floating floors:---------------------------------$1.00 S/F
  • Ceramic tile:------------------------------------$3.50 S/F