Lets Get Started:

When you work with Cupboards, Kitchen, Bath Discounters, you'll be part of the design and construction process during the entire project. We'll begin a potential remodeling effort by engaging you in free consultation sessions.

We'll sit down with you one-on-one to discuss your project in full detail. Since we are a well-rounded design/build firm (We do both the design AND the construction!), we can easily work with you to design a realistic and affordable remodeling vision for your bathroom remodeling. We will carefully keep track of your requirements, your requests, and your budget so there are never any surprises down the line. After the initial consultation - where we've discussed your remodeling aspirations and requirements - we'll discuss your budget and offer you a price estimate and preliminary design ideas for the project. We'll then send you a Pre-Construction Design Agreement to review and sign. This document will describe your project's cost and scope in full detail. Once the Agreement is signed, we can begin the intensive remodeling process.

We undertake all kinds of remodeling projects - from residential additions and decks to bathroom, But we particularly thrive on bathroom renovations, therefore we have accumulated substantial experience and skill in remodeling bathroom of various types, sizes, and complexities.